Leonardo Reviews

Praise for Leonardo Live:leonardo_live1

“Thanks again for offering us your wonderful evening on Leonardo da Vinci. I think that everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”
– Professor David G. , Chair, Graduate Liberal Studies, Saint Mary’s College, Moraga CA.

“Wonderful performance. . . amazing. The students were impressed and happy that we could get you for them.”
– Lou M., Director of Osher Center for Life Long Learning, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park CA

“The performance was a valuable learning experience, [one] probably missing from today’s educational system of cubbyhole specialization.”
– Dart C., Architect, Mill Valley CA

“Such an innovative way to present material! What great projects to add for students and other faculty as well. I’d love to see more.”
– LauRina R., Santa Rosa CA.

“Da Vinci’ did a great job of incorporating dates and events into his organized and flowing story. . . . The singing was great, and the jokes and humor made the historical autobiography an interesting story. Lots of good emotion. .. .“
Jamie M., California State University, California

“Fantastic. Great dramatic talent. . . . I learned so much.”
Gudrun J., Petaluma CA.

vitruvian_man“The entire presentation was effective. (I would recommend this to others), and I would love to bring it to my high school.”
– Walter G., History Teacher, Braddock Senior High School, Miami FL.

“Judith and I really enjoyed Leonardo, as did the student audience. You’ve developed a fine presentation. . . .“
– Dr. Les A., Dean of Extended Education, California State University, Sonoma.

“I really enjoyed Rob Weiner’s ‘A Visit With Leonardo da Vinci’ last night. . . I was impressed with Rob’s talent as an actor, and I enjoyed the view of a famous artist.”
– Shizuko M., painter, Mendocino CA.

“Thank you so much for your fabulous presentation. . . we would love to have you again.”
– Melissa H., Ocean House, Senior Center, Santa Monica CA