About Dr. Weiner

rob_weinerRobert Paul Weiner, Ph.D. is a writer, teacher, consultant, and performer, working in the realm of creativity and cross-cultural matters.

He holds degrees in politics, philosophy, religious studies, and literature, from Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Yale, and the University of Cologne. He has taught at California State University, Sonoma, and at Saint Mary’s College of California for almost 40 years, and he served as Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Studies for five.

Rob was co-founder and editor of Global Digest International News Services, based in New Haven CT; he served as co-chair of International Peace Action in Cologne. Rob has traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad  and has written and worked on issues of globalism and multiculturalism.

This is embodied in his book, Creativity and Beyond: Cultures, Values, and Change, which discusses how different cultures have defined and valued the key concept of creativity and how our understanding of creation has shifted, as globalization has taken place.

And, of course, Rob is focused on creativity in other respects as well. This is not just in his many courses and workshops on “Creativity and Invention,” but also in the play he scripted and then performed for ten years, Leonardo Live!, about Leonardo da Vinci.

Clearly, Rob cares about the “big subjects.”  He has studied and taught about the world’s religions. His first book was about the surprisingly major role of America in the thinking of Karl Marx; one of Rob’s most popular courses is an interdisciplinary look at deception, “Lying 101;” he is currently completing a work on families in migration. His blog is an effort to continue examining creativity in a global-multicultural context.

No one person can master any of these big subjects, of course. It’s hard enough to master little ones. Paradoxically, though, the extraordinary breadth of Rob’s education and experiences have armed him, better than most others, to address the big picture.

Through necessity and curiosity, Rob has worked from a single day up to a few years doing a wide range of jobs — not just as a university professor, but also as a business manager, translator, interpreter, editor, bartender, ice-cream server, field-hand, elevator operator, bus driver, truck driver, political researcher, house painter, camp counselor, college advisor, and tour guide. He has written scores of  news and scholarly articles, translations, and poetry. He has taught in seven different academic departments. What’s more, Rob’s gregariousness and travel has brought him into conversation with thousands of people from all walks of life, all ages, religions, and nationalities. Every one of these experiences or people, even the most annoying ones, has contributed to Rob’s understanding of life, has stimulated his creativity, and has infused his writing and other work.

Rob Weiner2

Rob cares greatly about ideas, but he cares even more for environments (urban and natural) and activities (hiking, traveling, helping, working). Most of all, though, he cares about people — his immediate and extended family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and strangers waiting to become acquainted. He considers himself extremely fortunate for the love and friendship he has known. As a student of philosophy and religion, Rob is keenly aware of the transience of life. He knows the importance of giving thanks, of rejoicing, and of helping others as much as possible. He takes to heart Nietzsche’s admonition to “give birth to a dancing star,” and he is glad to help others give birth, too.


When not traveling, Rob lives with with his family in Northern California.