About Dr. Weiner

rob_weinerRob Weiner, Ph.D. is a writer, teacher, consultant, and performer.

He holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University (B.A.), Georgetown University (M.A.), Yale University (M.A.), and the University of Cologne, where he received his Ph.D.

Rob taught college for 30 years and served 5 years as an academic administrator. During this time, he lectured in six different departments and programs at California State University, Sonoma, and at Saint Mary’s College of California; he was named Coordinator of Liberal Studies at Saint Mary’s and then Chair of Liberal Arts at John F. Kennedy University.

Rob has authored scores of news articles and commentaries, translations, poetry, business research reports, scholarly articles in politics, history, and philosophy, and scholarly books, including, Creativity and Beyond: Cultures, Values, and Change. He also wrote the play, Leonardo-Live!, which he has performed across the country, and he is currently working on his first novel.

He was founder, and for four years, Executive Editor of Global Digest International News Services.  He also worked as a business news editor, a bus driver, a truck driver, a translator and interpreter, a bartender, and an elevator operator, experiences which broadened his horizons greatly.

As a teacher, Rob has worked with traditional-aged college students, business managers. adult learners, high-school students, elementary-school students, graduate students, and retirees. The college courses Rob has taught are equally diverse, dealing with subjects such as art, technology, politics, world literature, adolescence, world religions, the human body, American history, money, lying, creativity and invention, writing, public speaking, multiculturalism, and globalism.

Rob lived and traveled abroad for several years and has been involved in a number of international and community organizations, including ones dealing with the public schools, sports, interfaith dialogue, counseling, and international relations.

Rob Weiner2All of these experiences, and more, have stimulated Rob’s creativity and his understanding of education and life. These experiences have also helped him relate well to people of the most diverse backgrounds and walks of life. And Rob is a “people person.” He cares deeply about ideas, but he cares about people even more. As many will agree, he is independent-minded and accomplished, but also friendly, supportive, and collaborative.

Rob lives with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area. For a list of references, call 925-289-9394 or email rob@creativityandbeyond.com